The Team

Community Advisory Group

This study is supported by an advisory group consisting of local Elders, health care practitioners, researchers, and decision makers, who have input on all stages of the research and are generously providing of their time, advice, and support to make this project successful, relevant, and having practical implications for Aboriginal health care in Prince George and beyond.

Partner Organizations

Prince George Native Friendship Centre

First Nations Health Authority

Sarah Nelson

I have recently finished my PhD in the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto. I was born in Eastern Ontario, on the unceded lands of the Algonquin peoples, to Scottish/Irish and Scandinavian/German parents. Initially a science student, I took a minor in African Studies which sparked an interest in colonialism and made me confused about why I wasn’t ever taught about colonialism in Canada. This interest and confusion led me to do a Master’s in First Nations Studies at UNBC. That’s what first brought me to Prince George.

My Master’s research focused on perceptions of mental health and mental health care among Aboriginal Elders, community members, and health care providers in Prince George. Since then I have done work on decolonizing research methods, colonialism in mental health research, and a systematic review of mental health research regarding Aboriginal peoples in Canada. I am now back in my home town in eastern Ontario and, although my work does not focus only on mental health services, I have retained a focus on Aboriginal health services and the meaning they have for the community at large.